Here you will find resources for the effective use of the Syber brand marks, logo types, brand guidelines and marketing assets.

Brand Colors

Use these colors to guide your designs and layouts, both online and off, to ensure you are staying consistent with the Syber brand.

Primary Color

Dark Grey

CMYK : C73, M67, Y66, K83
Pantone : 412
RGB : R17, G17, B17
Web : #111111

Secondary Color


CMYK : C69, M63, Y62, K58
Pantone : 409
RGB : R51, G51, B51
Web : #333333

Secondary / Text Color


CMYK : C0, M0, Y0, K0
RGB : 255, 255, 255

Accent Color


CMYK: C0,  M71, Y100  K0
Pantone : 021
RGB : R255, G73, B0
Web : #FF4900

Accent Gradient


CMYK: C0, M79, Y91, K0 to C0, M61, Y79, K0
Pantone : 021 to 1495
RGB : R255, G91, B41 to R247, G130, B72
Web : #FFB29 to F98246

Fonts for Web Use

Titillium and Rajdhani are the approved fonts for web use and can be downloaded or used from Google Fonts. All online materials for Syber gaming must use Titillium and Rajdhani. Please refer to the brand guidelines for proper usage.

Fonts for Print & Traditional Media

The primary font for Syber is DIN Pro while the secondary font is Heron Sans. Both fonts are available online and by request for those working on Syber materials. Please refer to the brand guidelines for proper usage.