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Syber, founded in 2014, is the innovation division of CyberpowerPC, Inc. where we test out new product and marketing ideas. At Syber, we promise to design and build beautiful and unique VR and gaming PCs that deliver amazing experiences.

Designed by Gamers

Each team member at Syber believes in the product. We use our own computers to work, produce graphics, videos, write copy, and even game on the weekends. It’s the dedication and passion we have in these products that propels us to get up in the mornings and do what we do.

Why Choose Syber?

We take pride in building gaming pcs to the customer’s specifications. We back every model produced out of our warehouse and strive to see gamers across the nation satisfied in their purchase of a Syber gaming pc. We don’t want to take attention away from the game.

Designed in California

Every Syber product is designed in California, ensuring only the highest quality product goes to market.

Hand Built in the USA

Syber gaming pcs are assembled in the USA with meticulous attention to detail. From the ground up, we ensure every computer is built with quality in mind and don’t cut corners.

Lifetime Support

Every machine is tested for quality, benchmarked before leaving the factory, and backed with lifetime technical support.

Fully Customizable

Each Syber gaming pc is fully customizable to meet all your gaming needs.

Three Year Service

If our customers ever have problems with the machines we build, there’s a support line open to call and every computer is backed with a three year limited warranty.

Financing Options

As low as 10% APR financing with subject to credit approval.

This is one of the most unique pieces of machinery to hit the market.
Videogames are in our DNA.
It all started here

We created the

Syber Steam Series

An innovative concept that combined the look and feel of a traditional gaming console with the power of a gaming pc.

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Career Opportunities

At this time, Syber Gaming is not actively hiring for full-time or part-time positions.

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