Red-Hot Gaming With Innovative Cooling

The new Syber M with the Venti™ air intake grill represents a new leap in gaming PC structural technology, one which Syber Gaming has pioneered with precision at its core. With this performative air intake grill, the air is drawn in over a set of cooling fans located behind a sleek mesh grill, ensuring advanced ventilation to unlock gaming potential.

We’re not just providing next-gen solutions for age-old problems. We’re making the case for gaming perfection.

Windows 11 Home

64-Bit Edition

Intel ® Core ™ Processor

I9-12900K 3.2GHz 24-Cores


up to 64GB RAM DDR5

GeForce RTX

3080 10GB GDDR6X

Based on specs for the Xtreme Model. Specs and Pricing subject to change.

Cooling Has Never

Been Cooler.

Innovation provides the key to excellence. The new M gaming PC reimagines the architecture of gaming, unleashing elite performance, enhancing your gaming experience, and taking immersive enjoyment to a whole new level.

Harnessing the Power of Thermodynamic Cooling

Pushing the boundaries of possibility is the driving force behind Syber Gaming. And, delivering an unbeatable experience for 21st-century gamers means diving deep into the realm of thermodynamics, allowing us to achieve the most ambitious of goals.

Thermodynamics deals with the relations between various forms of energy, including heat. By utilizing pioneering discoveries within the sphere of physics, thermodynamic cooling allows for fine-tuned temperature control in compact spaces… perfect for unleashing the elite potential of a gaming PC.

The Venturi Effect: Your PC Experience, Reimagined

The new M gaming PC with the Venti™ airflow intake vent utilizes the Venturi effect to its full potential. By allowing atmospheric pressure to be drawn into the system, airflow into the device is increased without a potentially harmful shift in pressure occurring. The result? Better ventilation, increased acceleration, and dramatically heightened reliability for your gaming experience. problems. We’re making the case for gaming perfection.

VIVE Ready Computer

We’ve tested systems and worked with HTC Vive to bring you a top of the line gaming PC ready for Vive right out of the box. From graphics cards and processors to memory and storage space-these computers deliver a superior VR experience thanks to superior components.

New M | Syber Gaming

We’re not just providing next-gen solutions for age-old problems. We’re making the case for gaming perfection.

At the heart of the new M gaming PC, sits one of our most anticipated innovations yet: the Venti™ air intake grill. Owing to its heightened efficacy to the Venturi Effect – a truly game-changing principle of thermodynamics – this advanced ventilation design pays homage to the world-renowned physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi.



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There’s No Substitute for an Elite Experience

Imagination leads to innovation. Innovation leads to performance. Performance unlocks potential.

The new M gaming PC isn’t just a sleek, stylish, and highly efficient addition to your gaming arsenal. It’s a leap in the evolution of PC design.

The new Syber M with the Venti™ air intake grill, Gaming in Full Effect.