Your Gaming PC Experience Reimagined

Transform the way you game with high-performance gaming PCs from Syber. Each of our models has the specs and all the features that gaming enthusiasts demand.

From VR-ready machines to micro ATX gaming computers, we have a system to meet every requirement and budgetary need. Expect powerful gaming PCs built for performance and reliability.

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Powerful Gaming Rigs Delivered Straight  to Your Door

You won’t regret spending hours gaming on one of our custom gaming PCs built for gamers with discerning tastes. We know how important performance is to a great gaming rig, so we only use the highest quality parts in the market. Enjoy a worry-free gaming experience with Syber.

Combining Functionality with Style

A high-performance pre-built custom gaming PC must also look as beautiful as the parts used to build it.

We use special gaming PC cases that stand out from the rest of the playing field. Gaming fans who understand the power of a Syber PC can immediately identify one of our pre-made machines just by looking at the case.

personalized builds


Syber understands that each gamer has different preferences. That’s why we offer a wide range of options. The best part—each of our gaming systems is fully customizable to meet a gamer’s unique needs.

built to impress

Built to

Hand-built in Los Angeles, our VR and gaming PCs were benchmarked and tested to perfection before leaving our facility. From our micro ATX gaming PCs to our console killer gaming PCs, you can expect systems that pack a punch in terms of quality, performance, and value.

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See the world through the eyes of your character with VR-ready machines that offer a hyper-realistic gaming experience. Be transported to different dimensions, interact with other characters, and connect with fellow gamers in a new way, all in the comfort of your living room or bedroom.

support for life

for Life

Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end upon delivery of their gaming PCs. We offer lifetime support to ensure customer satisfaction from the moment of your purchase to the entirety of your build’s lifespan. Call our support line, or leverage your three-year limited warranty.

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Turn Your Dream Build

into a Reality

Syber takes away the frustration of doing a DIY build. Our custom prebuilt gaming PCs are all hand built in-house using nothing but premium components. You dream it; we build it!

Find Your Ideal Gaming PC

We offer powerful pre-built gaming computers, but not all of our PCs can work well with your preferences and gaming style. Find out which among our current roster of pre-made rigs suits your needs best.

The XL Series

The XL Series’ fractured
tessellation design hides
a powerful i9 processor,
a competent graphics card,
and an ingenious motherboard
mount design that offers
excellent build flexibility.

The L Series

Features a sleek silhouette
and a dashing tempered glass
side panel. The L Series
boasts VR and 4K
capabilities that will
let you fully enjoy
any title in the market.

The M Series

The Syber M gaming computer’s
strongest feature is its
airflow circulation with
its patented ventilation
system. Still, its specs
are more than up to
par with the best
machines currently

The Cube Series

Easily one of the most eye-catching
designs we have in our
already-impressive stable.
The Cube gaming rig’s box-shaped
design has unique design features
to comfortably house a powerful
i9 processor and GeForce
RTX 2080 graphics card.

The C Series

You can easily mistake the
C Series for a reskin of a gaming
console, but it has enough power
to let you play your favorite
games wherever you want.

The K1

The K1 Mechanical Keyboard
is made for the high-paced
gamer with its anti-ghosting
features for accurate keystrokes,
multiple lighting modes, and
our signature Kontact switches.

Game Now, Pay Later

Syber makes gaming accessible with configurable machines available at different price points. If you’re interested in any of our models but are short on funds, don’t worry! We offer “game now, pay later” with attractive installment options.

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designed by gamers

Reimagine the Architecture of Gaming

Syber’s dedication to designing and building quality machines is what makes us a superior choice when it comes to gaming. Our experts, avid gamers themselves, conceptualize, test, and manufacture the PCs to meet every gamer’s vision.

We carry a wide range of models, from console-type gaming PCs to living room gaming PCs. Choose from our prebuilt models or have one custom-made to your liking.

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