Twitch Audience: How to Go from Zero to Hero with Streaming

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Growing a Twitch Audience

Networking is important when building an audience for Twitch.

Networking is important when building an audience for Twitch.

Plenty of beginning streamers want to know what it takes to build an audience. It’s not an easy feat, especially now that Twitch is seeing a very consistent user base. Some streamers see success in less than a year; others still haven’t found footing with several years of content production. High-profile streamers see good and bad days just as much as any other streamer. Building an audience is a long path to walk, but consistency and effort is important. Here’s some tips for building your audience on your favorite streaming platform.

Be Known

This is the simplest concept about building an audience. X streamer will never get any support from another streamer unless they know each other. One streamer we spoke to that was partnered within a year on Twitch stated partnership took nearly a “full-time social media job.” Increase your online presence. Spread who you are, what you play, and your personality on the internet. Utilize Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets to be known. There’s a delicate balance in this world, however, and that lies with…

Automation Avoidance

There are apps and services out there that automate your social media in some manner. An automessage on Twitter suffices for getting your stream out to the public, but when is the last time anyone clicked on the link that you spammed in Twitter? Avoid the automation. Unless you’re part of a massive corporation that can’t address connecting with people on an individual level, skip the automation functions and…

Connect with People

Some of the Syber staff sees the automessages all the time and yes, they’re annoying, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an example of the streamer you are. Talk with people that send you automessages to understand what kind of streamer they are. Open up that conversation. See what kind of content they produce. You may be missing out on the best content creation and you won’t know unless you see for yourself. Relationships are forged over communication. Be the example you wish to see in others, and they’ll see your strengths.

Cutting-Edge Content

There’s a large group of content creators on the market that stick to a few scenes, a green screen, and a decent mic. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the viewer audience is interested in seeing more than just gameplay as the streaming platform market opens up. It may be a strong idea to open up your content market–research the “creative” aspect of your streaming platform and see if you bring in an audience that way.

Cons are Key

You’ll never have a better opportunity to network than attending cons. Yes, they’re costly and draining, but the experiences you’ll have will be unique. If there’s a convention near you featuring many content creators, we urge you to go. You’ll make lasting friendships that help you grow with your stream.

Remember Your Reasons

Always ask yourself why you stream. What do you get out of it? What do you plan to get out of it? If you’re looking for money, you may be streaming for the wrong reason. Never go into streaming expecting viewership, money, or any similar result. Keeping your goals clear and having fun are important in streaming. If you don’t end up achieving Twitch partnership or high viewership numbers, remember you had fun doing it. Never get discouraged.