Streamer and Entertainer Richard Hammer Joins Syber

By December 1, 2016 No Comments

Good news, Syber Fans! The prominent Twitch streamer and YouTuber Mr. Richard Hammer is joining the Syber Gaming team! Richard Hammer is a long-time content producer that produces interesting videos with an adult flair. With 22 thousand subscriptions on Youtube and 147 thousand follows on Twitch, he’s made a mark in entertainment as a streamer. We invite you to check out his channel (if you’re 18 or older, of course). Richard had a few words to share about his career as a streamer and how he got into Twitch.

Richard is a full-time broadcaster.

Richard is a full-time broadcaster.

“I started gaming as a child and I’ve enjoyed games in every genre, but games where I can be competitive are where I feel like I can really dig in,” Richard told us before he prepared for his stream tonight at 9 PM PST. “I like games where you have the opportunity to lose. No matter what I play, I always find my way back to something competitive, whether that’s against my community or the game, or by setting my own parameters, encountering a challenge is important to me.”

“I discovered streaming on Twitch a few years ago when my brother and I were looking for a way to compete,” Richard continued. “We found SpeedRunsLive and from there, I discovered The Binding of Isaac. I started racing Isaac for fun, and people started watching. The community stuck around and eventually I started hosting Isaac tournaments. Since then, I’ve moved on to other indie titles. Throughout everything my community and our conversations have been a consistent driving force in my broadcasts.”

Richard is a full-time broadcaster and a single father to a four-year old. Congratulations to Richard, his success on Twitch, and his partnership with Syber! Please visit his channel to see his content; it’s full of laughs.