Why Everyone Should Use a Gaming Mouse

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Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 2021, the global gaming market was valued at 173.70 billion USD — and it’s easy to see why. Between the gorgeous AAA titles and the powerful hardware to deliver them, this is a golden age for gamers.

Speaking of hardware, peripherals are also essential tools in a gamer’s arsenal. The mouse, in particular, provides a gaming experience to PC enthusiasts in a way that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From customizable gaming mice to high-DPI beasts, these peripherals have a lot to offer any gamer.

This article looks into the many perks of using a mouse designed specifically for gaming.

Gaming Mice are Customizable.

Gamers, those who use PCs in particular, love customization. Many PC enthusiasts even buy computer components individually and build their own machines. This is also reflected in gaming mice.

One of the most common features of any gaming mouse is its ability to adjust its DPI, or dots per inch, on the fly. Simply put, the dots per inch correspond to how responsive the mouse is. In action, this translates to easily adjustable sensitivity settings.

This is useful for both games and work tasks as it allows users to quickly change from low sensitivity for precision to high sensitivity for speed.

Many gaming mice also have additional buttons that the users can program. These buttons can correspond to certain keys on the keyboard. They can even be programmed to perform macro tasks — a series of keystrokes, clicks, or other inputs that can be recorded. This greatly simplifies repetitive or complex tasks for work or play.

Gaming Mice Improve Performance.

As mentioned above, DPI changes can directly translate to more sensitivity. When playing games, especially fast-paced ones like first-person shooters, precision is extremely important. A higher DPI means the mouse takes in more information per inch and relays more information to the computer.

When done right, gamers gain better control because of DPI. This has the potential to significantly improve performance in games.

Gaming Mice Last Longer

Gamers are heavy PC users. They can spend hours at a time playing their favorite games. Some gamers release their frustrations on their peripherals, which leads to smashing or throwing.

Gaming mouse designers understand this and create mice that are built to last. They are made from durable materials such as reinforced polymers and aluminum.

Some gaming mice have click ratings that give users an idea of just how many clicks they can perform in their lifetime. According to Digital Citizen, some mice have a lifespan of up to 30 million clicks. This can last a user for a decade.

Gaming Mice are Comfortable.

Another major reason people use gaming mice is their ergonomic design. Since gamers spend a lot of time moving their mice, these plastic objects should stay comfortable. That is achieved by engineering specifically focused on ergonomics.

A lot of gaming mice even allow the users to add weights to make them even more comfortable to use during long gaming sessions.

This ergonomic benefit is also useful for non-gamers. As global processes become more digital, the time people spend in front of their computer screen also increases. A gaming mouse can save users a lot of discomfort and future pain. Here’s a Wired article describing this phenomenon.

Gaming Mice Complete Your Aesthetic.

Finally, gaming mice are a key part in completing the gamer aesthetic. Regardless of the make or model, gaming mice are almost always easily recognizable. Some even feature RGB LED lights that users can customize to match the color or design of their other components.

Many gamers enjoy flaunting their setups and a gaming mouse is an essential part of that.

Why You Should Invest in a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are incredible pieces of engineering. They provide several benefits to gamers and casual PC users, including comfort, durability, and customization. These benefits make gaming mice a must-have for any self-respecting PC or gaming enthusiast.

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