PC Controllers: The Best Out on the Market

By November 8, 2016 November 23rd, 2016 No Comments

We at Syber have scoured the Interwebs to find you the best in PC control. Peripherals have grown since the days of two-button joysticks, but there are tried-and-true models on the market that will last for years. Be prepared, as some may not be kind to the wallet.

The PS4 controller actually works well on the PC.

Yep, your eyes aren’t fooling you. We admit it—console controllers are very well built. You can use a PS4 controller on a PC, it’s just that the light bar and touchpad don’t carry over functionality. We’ll stand by this controller as one of the better models out on the market. They tend to last for years. Plus, the redesign of the PS4 controller is a bit of a “debug” of the PS3 controller. This new iteration will set you back a full 59$ USD in some avenues, and you’ll need mapping software for it.

The Logitech F130 is one of our favorites.

The Logitech F310 is a gamer favorite simply because of practicality. You won’t find gold-plated rudders or magnetic D-pads on this controller. What you will find is a solid design that lasts. You lose the rumble feedback and gain a wire, but the price gives a little room for the next Steam sale.

A cordless F310. 'Nuff Said.

The F710 is the F310’s wireless brethren. You can’t go wrong with this model if you want to cut the cord. It features switchable profiles, a different color, and the sturdy build from the F310.

The Steam controller is a unique piece of machinery.

The Steam controller is one of the most unique controllers on the PC market we’ve seen. It takes risks and a little time to adjust, but it essentially gives the die-hard mouse and keyboard fraggers something to rave about. Two “pulse-feedback” thumbpads, a sturdy analog stick, four shoulder buttons, and two rudder controls top out this unique beauty. It’s not a bank-bulldozer either at 49$ USD. Give it a shot; you’ll be surprised at how well it controls Half-Life 2.

The Xbox Elite controller: for when you need everything (we know it’s a console controller again). It boasts interchangeable D-pads and analog sticks, magnetic rudder triggers, a rubberized grip, and entirely customizable software actuation. This is a beast controller, but you’ll shell out triple the cost of a Steam controller. For the price, any other PC controller will work fine. 149 USD.