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Introducing New Content…Syber Franchises!

By December 8, 2016 No Comments

An All-New Way to Experience Syber–Franchises

Hey there PC gamers! We’ve got some awesome new changes on the horizon for you! The Syber crew is incredibly excited to reveal what we call Syber Franchises! What exactly do we mean by that? Well read further and we’ll give you the lowdown on what we’re rolling out.

Here's the newest content we've got for Syber franchises!

Here’s the newest content we’ve got for Syber franchises!

Here’s a brief look at what kind of more focused content we’ll be pushing out for the loyal Syber fans and newcomers. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing these each one by one and providing a breakdown of what each of these means, what kind of content you might see on our channels, and more exposure of what Syber computers are capable of! For today, we’re introducing SYBER PLAYS.

Syber Plays games. It's what we do.

Syber Plays games. It’s what we do.

Syber brings you the latest and best videogames with SYBER PLAYS, featuring hosts Duncan, Amber, and Mike! The hosts sit down in the Syber lounge on the bright orange couch and play through what’s new and fresh while the audience makes fun at how terribly they play providing hilarious commentary. Syber Plays will be hosted on our YouTube channel, so if you’d like to see some funny game moments stop on by!

We’ll be giving you more details on the Syber Franchises every day, so stop by the blog and take a gander at the next morsel in store!