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Tech Landscape Changes: How Syber Powered an Entire NYE Party

By January 14, 2017 No Comments

It takes a lot more than just a simple computer to serve as the backbone of an incredible visual experience. VJ and surreal artist Android Jones has been at the helm of defining a new edge in art, combining Syber’s tech-heavy and compact machines with his artistic style–many call it psychedelic ingenuity. But what’s required to put together a show? Grandma’s dusty ol’ 486 won’t do much to move a crowd, and consoles don’t have the guts to push enough polygons for a party.

Syber’s small form factor machines come packed with NVIDIA GeForce 1060s 1070s, and 1080s (depending on what you want) in order to push out what’s required for virtual reality. VR headsets utilize two screens in order to generate a stereoscopic effect (things virtually closer to you look closer) and onboard graphics don’t have the capability to push that kind of power. You’ll need at least an Intel if-4590 to process virtual reality. We’d just recommend picking something higher than the bare minimum unless you want dropped frames and an imperfect experience.

Syber is proud to power the surreal experiences that Android Jones has developed for a growing tech-savvy audience.