There are times in life when you want more room, more power and more performance.

It is with this sentiment that we designed the Syber XL-Series. With its massive body, superb airflow, and sleek design, all gamers will agree bigger is better. Able to fit the biggest graphics cards, largest power supplies, elaborate liquid cooling systems, and multiple hardware, the XL-Series will blow away any towers out there. You get room for all the hardware you can cram in it till your heart’s content, and also it also has one of the highest volume of air flow in town. The XL-Series is more than just a welcomed addition to the Syber gaming family, it’s a staple.



With a fractured tessellation design that allows for maximum airflow, the XL’s enormous size offers large windows for component presentation, a VR ready front panel,  and patented reversible motherboard tray.


The XL-Series Flipit patented feature allows you to mount your motherboard in either a left facing or right facing configuration, making this case very flexible when it comes to building options.


The massive size of the XL allows gamers to customize the rig of their dreams. Max out the XL with four full size graphics cards, a full size power supply unit, eight hard drives, and an elaborate liquid cooling system.


Each system, stock or customized by yourself is fine tuned in our SyberLab™ by trusted professionals to make sure each system is correctly built and tested. So when you receive your XL rig all you’ll need to do is plug and play.


Keeping your PC cool during intense gaming sessions is a top priority while gaming. Having a system uptime due to superb cooling is always fun. With the XL’s cooling system and airflow design your gaming can go big.


  • Massive Full Tower design available exclusively at CyberPowerPC
  • Full Tempered Glass Design
  • Reversible ATX Motherboard design for right or left window placement
  • Hand built and tested by our top PC Build Masters
  • Powered by Intel 7th Generation Core Processors
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE 10 Series Graphics Processor