Why Choose Syber?

Newest Software

All our PC’s ship with the latest software to ensure utmost quality gaming experience.

 Lifetime Support

Our support staff is available via chat, email or telephone and ready to assist.

3 Year Warranty

Our warranty ensures that your system is covered ensuring you peace of mind gaming.

 Fully Customizable

Flexible options let you build the perfect Gaming PC to fit your needs.


Industry standard hardware components offers maximum upgradability.

 Hand Built in the USA

All systems undergo a thorough stress test and inspection process before shipping.

What People Are Saying

It can take a single full-length graphics card, handle up to 16GB of RAM, and can house a standard SFX PSU up to 800 watts.

Maximum PC

"You can always customize the console at CyberPowerPC and change it to whatever you want."


The Vapor is the best Steam Machine we've yet seen and a must-have for anyone who hopes to get their Steam library out from the office and into the living room.

Digital Trends

If you want a PC to sit beneath the TV, the Syber is well balanced, capable of Full HD gaming and cheaper than its main rival.

Trusted Reviews

So they're just as upgradable and configurable as any other PC, but the real selling point will be price, performance and of course design.


PC gaming goodness in a box about the six of a traditional console. Customizable. Comes with a gamepad. Boots right into Steam's Big Picture mode. Relatively quiet


XL Series

With its massive body, superb airflow, and sleek design, all gamers will agree bigger is better.

M Series

All the power you could ever want, contained in a custom designed stealth beast. VR ready out the door and capable of playing the latest titles at their highest settings.

C Series

All of the power and customization of a mid-tower gaming PC in a chassis small enough to fit wherever you game.

STEAM Series

SteamOS is the next generation of living room gaming. Easy access to Steam’s massive library, millions of users to connect with and more power than all of the so-called “Next-gen” consoles.