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Virtual Reality Art with the Vapor Series

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Virtual Reality Art with the Vapor Series

Artist Scott Bennett (aka scobot) creates immersive, virtual reality art. And he does it with two Syber Vapor Series gaming pcs.

Scobot purchased his first Vapor series machine in 2016 specifically for virtual art creation. He wanted something powerful and portable that he could demo VR to the public if needed. In 2017, scobot got an artist in residency at CoMotion Labs and purchased an additional Vapor series for his artist studio.

Read about scobot’s experience with the Syber Vapor series:

“All of my artwork has been created while working on these two units. I’ve been super happy with them, and mention them any time someone asks about building a ‘VR rig’.”

Check out some of the artwork scobot has created with the Syber Vapor below:

Scott Bennett (aka scobot) creates immersive, virtual reality art. Combining years of professional experience in painting, sculpture, and video art with game engine technology, his work allows viewers to explore and experience abstract compositions through virtual reality hardware. The Pacific Science Center (Seattle, WA) licensed his work for display and he is Artist-in-Residence at the University of Washington CoMotion Labs where he creates virtual reality artwork alongside AR/VR startups. Most recently his work “WORLD ONE” was an official selection for the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival.

Learn more about Scott (scobot):

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