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Syber Steam Machine: What You Get for What You Pay

By January 17, 2017 No Comments

Syber’s Steambox: Is it Worth it?

The Syber Steam Machine is a unique beast. We’re sure some PC enthusiasts out there are a little wary about trying a Steam Machine for the first time, but if the intent is to play Steam games, we’d like to sway your thoughts towards owning a Steam Machine. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and here’s a few reasons why:

Dedicated Resources

The Steambox opens Steam and plays games. That’s it. Resources go to running the operating system and few other operations behind the scenes, so your video, RAM, and processor aren’t churning out extra power to keep Windows processes running. Games run better on a Steam Machine because there isn’t much else to run.

Simple Startup

Steam Machines boot into the SteamOS directly, Just provide your login and password for your Steam account (or make one if you’re new), and your entire library of games is there to play, wherever your Steambox is located. Imagine having your entire PC game library on a 52-inch LED television in your living room connected to surround sound audio.


Steamboxes run on a specialized version of Linux, which means viruses need to be specifically written for that operating system. Not only does that require malicious software to be highly specialized, you’ll only be downloading directly through Steam and through specific virus-free outlets. Play on worry-free.

Let the Numbers Speak

The Syber Steam Machine has been manufactured to have the highest performance rating and value. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Futuremark’s scoring. #1 in Performance, #1 in value for two of our Steam Machines. We’re an official SteamOS and SteamVR partner, and the numbers prove it.

We hope this brief look at our Steam Machine is enough to attract the gamer within you. Skip the Windows updates, bloatware, virus protection, computer maintenance, and software mishaps. The Steam Machine games, all day, every day. Take a look at how it’s priced and see why we’re #1 in terms of value through Futuremark.