Lounge with us: Videogames at the Syber Lounge!

By December 13, 2016 January 4th, 2017 No Comments

Syber Reveals the Syber Lounge, Hosted by the eSports Arena!

We here at Syber like to expand our horizons and get outside of the Lab sometimes. That’s why we’ve created a home-away-from-home down at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, California. The first-ever arena dedicated solely to eSports, this arena hosts a number of events, parties, and showdowns between players. We’re excited to broadcast to the world on our Twitch channel down at the SYBER LOUNGE!

Welcome to the Lounge. Where we lounge. With games.

Welcome to the Lounge. We promise our couch is bigger than the one depicted.

Syber has partnered with the eSports Arena to deliver our live show every Tuesday! This is our dedication to the PC fans out there. Every week, we’ll be showing off new games, discussing game conventions, and bringing the laughs with our hosts Duncan, Amber, and Mike. Join us virtually on the leather couch and watch gaming fails happen for a two-hour show. If you’re viewing, you might be lucky enough to grab some giveaways!