Franchise Rollouts–Introducing the New Syber Skool!

By December 9, 2016 January 4th, 2017 No Comments

Syber Skool is our New Franchise

Welcome back, Syber fans! The next franchise we’re pushing out for the Syber universe is Syber Skool!

The "how-to" franchise so you know how to.

The “how-to” franchise so you know how to.

Syber Skool is so brand-new we haven’t peeled off the digital plastic covering the label yet! This content is geared toward educating the PC fans and Syber owners out there on regular computer maintenance, upgrades, software hacks, and general PC fixes without bogging you down with technical details. Sometimes upgrading a video card in an S Series isn’t that straightforward, so our videos will introduce you to hardware and procedures you may have never seen before. This will also be on the Syber YouTube page.

The next blog post will reveal more for our franchises, so keep it locked!