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The John Wick VR Experience Powered by Syber at New York ComiCon

By October 12, 2016 No Comments

There hasn’t been a better demonstration of VR capability than the recent John Wick: The Impossible Task, an experience held recently at New York ComiCon. It’s another project under the belt for Starbreeze. Lionsgate, software developer Grab, and virtual reality studio Wevr have combined their efforts to create John Wick: The Impossible Task. Virtual Reality is still in it’s infancy, but market pioneers are pushing the envelope further to deliver new experiences–plenty that people can write home about. The game ran on an HTC Vive. It combined storytelling elements with a gun-toting romp similar to a John Wick shootout. There are new shooting mechanics in this game that take some getting used to, but it’s the immersive quality of being in the action and interacting with so many individual parts that sets this game at a quality benchmark.

John Wick is making a return to theaters in Q1 2017. The VR game is releasing soon.

That’s excellent news if you want to explore home VR. Our M and C Series have seen an uptick in sales due to growing VR markets. Now is a perfect time to look at the capability of our desktop machines. The M and C Series are virtual-reality ready at launch and, if you so desire, are perfect for acting out your own John Wick vengeance scenes. Remember the M Series machines tote specifications to play the latest games at maximum settings, while the C Series computers are meant for comparable gaming results in a small form-factor. Either are capable of running this game with a room-scale setting for the HTC Vive.



The game is set to launch soon, but don’t let the release date stop you! There are Vive games aplenty that you can enjoy before John Wick: The Impossible Task hits virtual shelves. The game is intended to increase buzz about the upcoming live-action sequel to John Wick, releasing Q1 2017. Keep it locked, gamers!