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Insider Knowledge: What is Syber Insider?

By December 12, 2016 January 4th, 2017 No Comments

We’ve been hard at work at our desks coming up with the sharpest content out available. Right now one of our videographers is bouncing around ideas with the CEO about the next new video he’ll upload on our YouTube channel. There’s a graphic designer huddled in the corner with laser-focused attention, drafting up brand new designs for us to roll out soon. Typing in this office is incessant because we’re cranking out everything we’re able to before the end of the business day. Why? Because we’re dedicated to you with our next new franchise named Syber Insider.

Syber Insider. You're already on the inside. Welcome.

Syber Insider. You’re already on the inside. Welcome.

Syber Insider is exclusive content that we bring fresh to you, daily. Want to know how to get in on a piece of the action? Congratulations, you’ve just been accepted. That’s right, by reading, watching, participating, commenting, sharing, and enjoying all of the content we’re producing across our channels, you’re a part of the Syber Insider group. We’ll show you everything from replacing a video card in an M Series, to tweaking your twitch stream so you can get the maximum stream benefit, to showing the tricks behind defeating a boss in Dark Souls 3. We don’t charge our audience (that’s you!) for our Insider content, so our minds and hearts are dedicated in delivering the best to you in whatever channel is your favorite (read: free). Check out our Twitch channel for when Syber goes live to see our hosts Duncan, Amber, and Mike discuss the best in the video game world. If you miss a broadcast, we archive them all on the YouTube channel so you can skip the intro and rewind to catch your favorite moments (typically moments of failure).

Welcome to the inside with Syber Insider. We’ve got you covered with the best content.