VR Best Practices: Enjoying the Vive Safely

By November 15, 2016 November 23rd, 2016 No Comments

The HTC Vive is a powerful virtual reality set, but misuse of it (and any VR headset, for that matter) can lead to equipment damage or even injury. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you make the jump to the virtual world.

An abrupt swing to the right could have done damage here.

An abrupt swing to the right could have done damage here.


Don’t Be Tripping

It’s common sense to clear your area before you Vive, but remember that the visor is tethered by a fairly long HDMI cable. More professional setups have the cables attached to the ceiling, so there’s no risk of tripping over the cable and losing the fun factor. Consider how you’ll configure your Vive setup before integrating it into your computer system. Better yet, there are cable swivel mounts you can find online so movement in the VR room scale isn’t restricted.

Secure those Controllers

When the Nintendo Wii hit markets, some consumers were in an uproar over weak controller tethers that snapped because of vigorous bowling maneuvers. A lot of controllers ended up through windows or into expensive televisions. Keep your equipment viable by ensuring the tethers are in good shape before you shoot up robots in your next bullet-fest action game. Be sure to wipe the controllers down too—especially with shared Vives. And…be careful where you swing!

Don't let this happen. Secure your VR controllers.

Don’t let this happen. Secure your VR controllers.


Flip-Flop Drop

Wear comfortable shoes, but not anything that could slip off, get tangled into wires, or result in your head quickly meeting the floor. Lace up, too! Tripping is the top hazard for VR setups since your feet are obscured. Some games like Windlands actually simulate falling, so stick to avoiding actual hazards in case your orientation throws your footing off. It’s always better to have a chaperon around in case your orientation is off-kilter due to your virtual surroundings.

Having a friend to watch you do VR isn't a bad idea.

Having a friend to watch you do VR isn’t a bad idea.


Stay Within Your Bounds

There’s a reason why room scale functionality has the Chaperon function. Stay within the blue virtual cage so you understand your range of motion limits. Besides, you can always slip off your headset if you need to check what you’re nearing. Don’t risk breaching the VR space and you’ll be injury-free to keep your VR gaming consistent.

Edit: TPCAST has just released a wireless accessory kit for the Vive! There’s a claim that the lag on the feed is only two milliseconds, and pre-orders are already sold out. It looks like safer VR solutions are around the corner.