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Welcome Gear to the Syber Squad

By January 7, 2020 No Comments

Los Angeles, California

Gear Duran has been an artist since he could remember. He has had the drive and passion since childhood, to not only tap into his artistic abilities and talents, but to also be an inspiration to others. He was raised by his grandfather, who worked on black projects and logistics. At a young age, Gear was always surrounded by schematics, old IBM computers, and comic books. He too was influenced by video games such as Master Blaster, Stryder, and Metroid, Snatcher, and Metal Gear. These were just a few of his childhood favorites. Growing up, his influences were Robotech, J.I. Joe, and not to mention the late nights with his grandfather watching old science fiction programs and action movies, which fueled his inspiration. This extremely impacted his creative fire.

While visually being bombarded with high contrasting bold colors on the freeway while traveling between the states and Mexico in the late 80s and early 90’s, Gear picked up his love for graffiti. For Gear, creating has always been an adrenaline infused thrill, constructing his masterpieces for people all over the world to see. Leaving the house at 17 to be raised by his second family of hackers, code writers, PC building enthusiasts, and 3D modelers in the mid 90’s, Gear found a new love in digital illustration. Gear fused together his love for both digital and traditional illustration, and they now work hand in glove. Gear’s life is surrounded by his creative expression and his never ending pursuit to share his art with the world.

Instagram: @gearduran
Facebook: @gear.duran

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