ESports Arena: Syber’s Role with America’s First ESports Foundation

By January 3, 2017 January 5th, 2017 No Comments

A lot of Syber fans out there want to know what we do for Syber Insider on Tuesday. We stream every Tuesday at 6 PM PST at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, California. What’s this arena we’re talking about? It just happens to be the first-ever dedicated eSports facility in the US. Plenty of events, gamer meetups, competitions, and face-offs happen at the facility. Often hosted by gaming celebrities, it serves as the hub for Southern California’s eSports events. We’re proud to be partners with the eSports Arena and we sat down with an arena staff member to talk about what makes this such a special place to host Syber Insider, as well as other events.

“So our main priority is an event center.  We do pretty much any event any client can ask for,” responded James Lopez, an arena staff member. “We have a full production studio with three stories, including main space area, our main floor is the mezzanine, and all that’s accessible with our pricing and what you want to do with it. We’ve even done stuff to close off the street outside. Any computers and accessories are provided. We’re pretty well-priced in terms of budget. That’s ideal for anyone wanting to throw an event. Any event is possible, it’s all up to the client. We have a virtual reality Vive setup, we’ve thrown afterparties with Blizzard and other game companies, and we have tons of seating for everything.”

We’re proud to be partners with the first-ever arena dedicated to a growing market that carters to gamers and competition enthusiasts alike! Thanks for James for the brief interview and check out the eSports Arena here. If you’re in the area, stop by and see what they have to offer! Syber Insider goes live every Tuesday with the latest in PC greatness. Check it out!