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Designed to Perfection // Introducing the L-Series

By May 30, 2018 January 17th, 2019 No Comments


Introducing the L-Series // with space to grow, and a stunning aluminum finish.

Make it an extreme gaming rig, or start simple and let it progress with you. Living all within a meticulously designed case, featuring a brushed aluminum front panel, this is one case that you will definitely be showing off. The perfect middle ground in our family of towers. The L-Series is here to stay.

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With ARGB lighting brimming the eye-catching lines of the L-Series, this is surely a build that isn’t going to blend in with the rest.


With an expansive tempered glass side panel, the L-Series is ideal for showcasing all the ARGB components that drive this beast.


Coming with a brushed aluminum front panel, the L-Series exudes a sense of sophistication that few can rival.

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