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Introducing the New Cube Gaming PC

By January 6, 2020 No Comments

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Syber Cube CES build is powered by an Intel 9th generation Core processor, an EVGA Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics processor to deliver dominant performance that is characteristic of SYBER’s Cube series.

The Cube boasts improved aesthetics and performance in a sophisticated SYBER Cube chassis. The sleek outer casing features three sides of high-quality tempered glass panels to showcase inner components. With up to five fans, dual-chamber design, and optional AIO cooler, the Cube keeps components cool and protected.

“We released the Cube series in 2018 to deliver the experience of a much larger gaming PC in a compact, minimalist package,” says Eddie Vong, VP of Product, CyberPowerPC. “Based on user feedback, we designed and developed the new and improved 2020 Cube to be even better gaming experience.”

The new Cube model is completely customizable and available today for $2549. “It’s kind of a minimalism meets cyberpunk aesthetic. Gamers can add RGB lighting to give their Cube a unique look and customize the inner components with all the latest hardware,” says Tony Crisp, Chief Strategist at Syber. “We are confident that users will see why the Cube is the ideal choice for both gamers and enthusiasts.”

“With its distinctive cube shape and tilted angle stand, the Cube is an ultra clean, streamlined model for those who want something unique,” explains Eric Cheung, CEO, CyberPowerPC. “Our top PC build masters hand built and tested this design, expertly engineering and balancing the weight of the case to make the Cube appear as though it’s floating on the desk. We are proud to offer gamers our most ambitious design yet.”

The new Syber Cube is available today for purchase in the US through the Syber online store and at select SYBER authorized resellers. Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available at

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