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C-Series Introduction: How You Can Enjoy VR in Your Living Room

By January 24, 2017 No Comments

Don’t Overlook the C-Series!

Syber specializes in assembling a range of different computers, but often times the smaller computers get overlooked by the massive ones…like the XL Series. While the C-Series computers don’t hold a candle to the XL Series in terms of beefiness, it depends on what the consumer (that’s you!) wants. Do you have room for the XL computer? Where would you like to place it? If you don’t have the space for the XL and you’d like to have a computer in the living room, don’t overlook the C-Series! These computers are meant for small spaces and fit well inside of entertainment centers.

Living rooms are perfect areas for setting up a Vive virtual reality rig, as long as the area is able to be cleared of all furniture, wires, and excessive clutter. The C-Series is a strong computer to use for virtual reality endeavors. You can tuck it away safely in an entertainment center to cut down on wires everywhere. Since the Vive uses a small HDMI interface to connect the headset to the computer, that can be hidden as well. You’ll probably want to open up your entertainment center to give the computer some breathing room–running virtual reality rides the video card pretty heavily.

Vive just recently announced the tracker, which places real-world items into an in-game environment so you can experiment with different tools and functions in virtual reality. Plus, there will soon be a wireless accessory that removes the HDMI cable from the Vive so you’re free to virtualize clutter-free. Vive has plenty more releases, updates, and product integration planned for the future. It’s an exciting time to jump into virtual reality. Find out what kind of setups work best for you, your environment, and the Syber C-Series computer when you play with the Vive.